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I am MARW, a DJ and Producer from Stuttgart, Germany, reshaping the boundaries of Hard and Industrial Techno. My tracks, a brutal amalgamation of hard-hitting beats and hypnotic rave synths, have made their mark on the Beatport Top 100 Hard Techno charts. In my sound universe, darkness and groove merge into an unforgettable symbiosis.


In November 2023, I released an EP featuring four tracks that soared to #2 on the Beatport Top 100 Hard Techno Releases. Some tracks from this EP have also ascended to the Beatport Hard Techno Top 100 Charts, peaking at #88, and have been showcased by renowned Techno giants on grand stages. I am proud to announce that my tracks have received playtime from notable figures such as Nico Moreno, Shlomo, Paula Temple,  Kozlov, Caravel, Sara Landry, DAX J, Eugen Kunz, PETDuo, Niereich, LESSSS, Vinka Wydro, ANXHELA, , Isabela Clerc, Anela Dj, Daniela Hensel, Ahl Iver, Sara Krin, and more…

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My latest EP “Rave X Perience,” released on Sonaxx Records, has been featured at prestigious events like Verknipt, Boiler Room, Toxicator and many more. Here, you can see some of my tracks being showcased by celebrated artists worldwide at clubs, events, and festivals.

playing my Track “Rave Moves” at Ohmfest. 

playing my Track “Rave Moves” at Verknipt. 

playing my Track “Rave Moves” at Boiler Room. 

playing my Track “Rave World” at Elektroküche. 


My passion for music production began at the age of 14. Shortly thereafter, I taught myself the art of DJing. After a short break, during which I earned my degree and established my own design company—a venture that now sustains me—I reentered the music scene and began performing as a DJ in Southern Germany. My references include: Proton Club Stuttgart, Make Club Fellbach, Black Wax Wernau, WeSaveTheRave, Juknow Events, Bunker Vibes Events, Darkroom44, Halloween Stuttgart, Perpetuus Nox Events (…)

In anticipation of broadening my musical horizons, I am actively seeking opportunities to perform across Germany. I play: Hard- / Industrial-/ Rave-/ Dark-/ Techno but also Progressive-/ Minimal- Techno & TechHouse.

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I blend various subgenres of Techno to create a unique auditory experience. By mixing a dark atmosphere with groovy rave rhythms, I let my emotions run free and express myself through the music.


  • 28 years old, from Stuttgart, Germany
  • Former Art Director at a leading Agency in Stuttgart
  • Founder, Brand Designer & Self-Employed at Ikigai Branding
  • Founder, Event Manager & Booker at Darkroom 44
  • DJ & Producer of my brand, MARW
  • Passion for Strength Training & Meal Prep
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To discuss a booking with me, you can either fill out the Google Form provided below or send me a DM on Instagram. Alternatively, I am also available via E-Mail. I look forward to your non-binding inquiry.